Anonymous asked: You are seriously the epitome of a beautiful human... Gorgeous always.

Thank you ❤️

Anonymous asked: There's something about you in a tub that's just fuckin magical to look at

Thank you!!!!!! :)

Anonymous asked: Is it safe to use olive oil as a lube for anal?

Well, I’m sure if you can eat it… It can probably go in your butt. I wouldn’t do it though… It probably wouldn’t wash easy, and it would smell bad…


"A Little At A Time"Philadelphia, Pa 2013
Corwin Prescott - Justine Marie - See the entire set on Zivity


"A Little At A Time"
Philadelphia, Pa 2013

Corwin Prescott - Justine Marie - See the entire set on Zivity

DangerNinja Productions

Miss Justine Marie

Anonymous asked: Are you an android or an alien being from a far off galaxy, visiting our shitty civilization? You're way too awesome to be an earthling.

i am an alien… sent here to awesomeize the human population. 

Anonymous asked: Do you cook at home?

usually yes.. i get lazy sometimes though haha. 

deerbabyy asked: Oh yay! I didn't know you had a tumblr!! I've been following you on IG for a long bit n I love your work n stuff n your tats n yeah u////u -admiration-

yay! glad you found me!

Isaac Suttell Photography 

Miss Justine Marie

Shot in my apartment during Isaac’s last trip to Seattle

Justine Marie - ICanLickIt "21 Q&A Interview"

I can Lick it interview!



Anonymous asked: You have awesome rings. Hand lotion or other creams usually react with certain metals and turn skin green.

i dont wear any lotions, actually. i really dislike the way it feels, its because the rings are all brass…which tends to turn most people’s fingers green. its a cheap metal. not for everyday wear really.

Corwin Prescott

Miss Justine Marie

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Anonymous asked: You're an awesome model! All your shots are high quality, love seeing your new posts!!

thank you so much! :)

captureandcaptivate asked: Amazing Work! Love it!

thank you so much!

Anonymous asked: Your dog looks like the happiest little guy on earth! Most dogs are usually happy if they're fed and walked and all that, but yours actually looks like he's smiling in the pics :)

he’s such a little sweetheart. im totally and completely attached to him already, he goes everywhere with me. :)  Thank you, i hope our little family makes him happy for years to come.